GIMD GmbH - Gesellschaft für Informationsmanagement und Dokumentation - We structure your information
Company profile
"With respect to today's continuously growing information flood, the selection and meaningful structuring of infor-mation is of increasing significance"

– Dr. Andreas Holst, Managing Director

Staff profile

  • At present, GIMD employs 35 computer, medical and natural scientists as well as academics with extensive experience in the areas of information, documentation and electronic publishing via CD-ROM, internet and databases.


  • The spectrum of services includes the textual and technical preparation and processing of information for databases, and electronic publishing as well as for information, documentation and archiving systems.

  • One of the main focuses is on the indexing of information by scientific employees from different fields of science, especially from the areas of: life science (medicine, biochemistry, biology), chemistry, pharmaceutics, technology, the humanities, broadcasting and television documentation as well as librarianship.

  • Another focus is on the specific processing and editing of data by means of data recording, data structuring and data conversion.
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