GIMD GmbH - Gesellschaft für Informationsmanagement und Dokumentation - We structure your information
Service profile
GIMD GmbH offers a complete service spectrum in information and documentation. All steps, from the procuring, the evaluation and the structuring up to the archiving of information, can either be tasked separately or combined arbitrarily by using the GIMD modular system.

Service profile: information management

  • Searches in databases, CD-ROM

  • Fulltext procurement (from conventional and electronic sources)

  • Screening of the sources of information and relevance evaluation

  • Indexing and content analysis for databases (online, inhouse, CD-ROM) and other information, documentation and archiving systems
    • author/title approach
    • assignment of descriptors or fixed key words on the basis of a thesaurus or a key word list
    • assignment of free key words
    • assignment of classification codes
    • indexing of facts for special categories
  • Sources: magazines, books, research reports, conference reports, patents, index cards, electronic documents etc.

  • Evaluation, extraction and Recording of facts for factual databases

  • Writing or revision of texts and abstracts

  • Content analysis and/or editorial processing of texts of all kind, e.g., for index preparation or formal unification

  • Installation and maintenance of complex search word lists and thesauruses

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