GIMD GmbH - Gesellschaft für Informationsmanagement und Dokumentation - We structure your information
The GIMD software supports all steps of document processing, e.g. scanning, clipping, data acquisition and indexing. At the same time, the software is designed for workflow and processing time optimization as well as for quality assurance. The software can be adjusted to different requirements dynamically and without programming efforts.

Software features

  • Data import

  • Receiving inspection

  • Data export

  • Daten conversion

  • Data integration

  • Daten acquisition

  • Daten structuring

  • Description / indexing

  • Quality control

  • Thesaurus support

  • Workflow

  • Flow control

  • Working time monitoring

  • Resource planning / control

  • Automatic invoicing

  • Clipping

  • System operation

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