Project examples "capturing"

GIMD demand management

For clients from the pharmaceutical industry, we continuously maintain literature data bases by cataloging scientific papers according to specified keywords, using our Database software ARTIS as “computer-based follow-up.”

Data collection from sensitive materials

Our commission involved data collection from 422 CDs and 956 partially large-format music prints in different languages and scripts, among them Hebrew and Cyrillic. Collected data was entered on-line into the catalog of the Southwest German Library Network (SWB) according to RDA guidelines and linked to existing data records.

Further development of automatic indexing processes

For sophisticated applications, especially in the area of LifeSciences, automatic [simple_tooltip content='Indexing is the process in which the essential content components of an object are described with the aid of individual designations.']indexing processes[/simple_tooltip] do not achieve the quality of manual text analysis. They may, however, be continually improved by adapting to...

Digital directory of German song pamphlets

Our task was to process and structure song pamphlets in the catalog of the Southwest German Library Network based on PDF documents and automatically generated catalog entries according to appropriate regulations and linking to additional information.