Limited Corporation for Information Management and Documentation

Pharmakovigilance screening

For numerous clients, we perform the pharmacovigilance screening of medical literature. This service comprises all steps prescribed by the approval authorities, from the development and maintenance of suitable research strategies to creation of reportable data and forms. […]

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Retroconversion of the record collection of a music library

Our client, a music library in South Germany, maintains a vast collection of vinyl records. It is of high interest especially for experts, since it comprises a considerable number of musical works by musicians from the region, in a range and variety probably not to be found anywhere else. […]

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Converting print data into XML

A scientific reference work only available in print was processed electronically, so that the information in it is now searchable and usable in a multitude of ways. A special challenge was posed by diagrams in different depths of detail (similar to a map at different scales), in which data was deposited visibly or invisibly. […]

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