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GIMD Newsletter 2/2018

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Newsletter 2/2018

In this newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to our new, substantially expanded website, which went on-line recently. Another subject, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect recently, has relevance for GIMD as well. And of course, our day-to-day business will not be neglected, as our report on ten years of successful collaboration with the Lübeck University of Music proves.

Best regards,

Andreas Holst

New Website

The conception and design of a new Internet presence is very time-consuming, especially if contents are not to be overshadowed by graphical elements. But the result was worth the effort, and our new Internet website has already been on-line for several weeks now. At, you may find in-depth information about us and our comprehensive range of services in the areas of Information Management and Documentation. Numerous project examples and readily understandable explanations in our glossary provide an overview of the diversity of our work in these areas. Even at this early date, we are already receiving positive feedback from our clients and users. And we are looking forward to your visit, too!

The General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Union came into effect. Pursuant to Article 99, Clause 2 GDPR, it is now, two years after its commencement, fully applicable. In the meantime, all data-processing organizations based in the EU were obliged to adjust their data processing procedures to the new legal framework conditions, which are intended to establish a unified data protection standard in and for the EU. The Regulation is binding in all parts and applies to all member states of the EU. Unfortunately, even after the expiration of the two-year preparatory period, many questions still remain unresolved. It is to be hoped that legislators will eventually clarify as many points as possible. In any case, the courts may well have to deal with many issues concerning the implementation of the GDPR.

Of course, you have long been aware of the new regulations and have taken the appropriate steps. And we have made good use of the time as well, screening our data processing operations and, if necessary, adjusting them to the new rules and documenting them according to statutory provisions. Even if, as a rule, we do not process the personal data of our customers, GIMD GmbH is still affected by the GDPR in several ways – for instance, when it comes to the contact data of our clients, our contractual partners, or our staff. The addresses to which this newsletter is sent are personal as well, and must be protected accordingly. And not to forget, we publish personal data on our website, e.g. by inserting photographs that show persons, or by providing contact information.

Should you have any questions about or comments on data protection and the implementation of the GDPR at GIMD, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer, Dr. Johannes Holst, who will be delighted to address them.

Data Protection Notice

The distribution of company newsletters is also affected by the new stipulations of the GDPR. The contact data required for mailing them may only be stored and used subject to the consent of the respective data owner. Previously given legal consent will remain valid after the commencement of the GDPR. Consent may be withdrawn at any time, with future effect. We, however, would be delighted, if we were allowed to go on informing you about current projects and new developments at our house.

As in the past, so in the future, we will do everything to remain true to our aspiration to use your data carefully and responsibly, and to use them exclusively with your consent. Your data are in safe hands with us, there will be no transmission to third parties whatsoever. Your data will be stored and used exclusively for the mailing of the newsletter. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you may unsubscribe at: In case of deregistration, your data will be deleted immediately, and you will no longer receive any more newsletters from us.


Our colleague, Dr. Johannes Holst, studied Law at the universities of Erlangen and Würzburg. Alongside his professional activities as an attorney and as the Faculty Manager of the Faculty of Law at the University of Würzburg, he acquired a doctorate in European Commercial Law and completed post-graduate studies to become a researcher. Mr. Holst has been working for us for many years, in a wide variety of functions. Since July 2017, he has been responsible for Data Protection, Quality Control, and Marketing. He also had a decisive role in the development of our new website.

Contact: +49 931 45215-50;

10 Years of Collaboration with the University of Music at Lübeck

We have already used this space to report on projects for and with the University of Music at Lübeck several times – and today, in fact, we can look back on 10 years of successful collaboration.

To give a brief summary: The library of the University of Music at Lübeck is an academic institution available to students and instructors for studying, teaching, research, and art. In 2008, the University tasked us to register the library’s stock of CDs, consisting, among others, of collected works of individual composers and portraits of composers and performers. We have been working on this project continually up until today, on the basis of photocopies of CD covers. In Documentation, we call this retrocataloging, carried out as per the University’s instructions.

Another commission was completed successfully in 2015: The object was the retrocataloging of the scores of choral and orchestral works and piano reductions of choral works.

The goal of both projects was, respectively is, to register the listed stocks of the University of Music in the database of the Common Library Network (GBV), with which about 530 libraries in seven German states and Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, the Prussian cultural heritage foundation, are affiliated. Registration is performed on-line, directly into the Network database, according to the cataloging regulations of the GBV and the international RDA (Resource Description and Access) standard, which came into effect end 2015.

“Tasks like this call for the technical know-how and research skills of our staff,” says Eva Brünnel, in charge of Media Documentation at GIMD. “They do not only contribute their professional expertise, but also their long years of experience in Documentation and Librarianship.”

For more information, please see:



In the next newsletter, we will show you how our internal task management system supports our staff in their work.