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For the electronic library of a major pharmaceutical concern, GIMD has been commissioned to categorize and classify e-books, and to arrange them on virtual shelves.

Project duration: ongoing

The information department of a major pharmaceutical concern is a pioneer when it comes to e-books: the traditional libraries at the various branches have been closed over the past years. Since then, staff has been drawing the necessary specialized information from electronic books.

The categorization of the electronic library is the responsibility of GIMD. We received data records of an nitial batch of 20,000 e-books, which we classified according to pre-determined subjects and arranged on virtual shelves. Reference books were placed on a separate “shelf” – as a benefit for users, who now have rapid access to basic knowledge and can find quick introductions to a subject area. Upon request of the client, the classification scheme was then expanded, and further subject areas were defined. These subsequent supplements can be implemented quickly and without any problem with our ARTIS database software. Just as easily, the company itself may map the hierarchical structure of the database afterwards, so that, for instance, a single volume can be recognized as part of a book series by a special icon.

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